“Siin' oli ongella olija, aina siimalla asuja, käeksellä kääntelijä. Laski launihin merelle, ongitteli, orhitteli: vapa vaskinen vapisi, hope'inen siima siukui, nuora kultainen kulisi.” (Kalevala)

The lakes of the northern Saimaa district, renowned for their clean waters, are well stocked with a variety of fish species. Your catch may include perch, zander, pike or ide. From Suursaari with the Raita cottage, it is not far to Paasselkä, a deep crater lake known for its good salmon stocks. You may also catch sight of the Saimaa ringed seal, which in folklore was thought to be 'the devil of Paasselkä'.

At the cottage, there is a fish trap, a rowing boat and facilities for treating your catch. Also maps of the fishing grounds and a fishing permit are provided. You have cold storage and a vacuuming machine for your catch.

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