Mobile Grocery Store

Sad news: the grocery bus does not work anymore. Grocery stores in Rääkkylä (20 km) and Liperi (40 km). The old grocery bus got engine failure 2021 and a new one has not been replaced.
Happy news: Ice cream car "Jätskiauto" continues driving during summer. 

JÄTSKIAUTO ICE cream bus. Genuine holiday nostalgia! The ice cream bus is still going around. It stops on Sunday in the evening in Varpasalo, a stone's throw away from the Raita villa, at 18:30 on the following Sundays: 12.03, 02.04, 23.04, 14.05, 04.06, 18.06, 02.07, 16.07, 06.08, 27.08, 17.09. The stopping point is the intersection of Varpasalontie and Pitkäniementie. You can check the progress of car 311 by calling 045 332 2402. You can follow the progress of the jätski car on the route in real time at
We highly recommend a visit to the "Pusukoppi" crossing stop! Varpasalontie and Pitkäniementie. This "kissing box"  has become familiar from Markku Pölönen's films. At the stop, you will also meet islanders and other vacationers.

We recommend local shopping possibilities:

ONNEN KAUPPA in the church village of Rääkkylä sells products by local makers. Kinnulantie 2 lh 8, Rääkkylä, Finland. In the same connection, Kihaus Folk's office. Information also on the facebook page.

SPRING FESTIVAL Sunday 28.5. from 12 to 3 p.m. Halonen's garden farm's traditional spring event, Kevätkahdus, is timed at the peak of the seedling season. At the time of flowering, the greenhouses are at their best, and there you can find an unusually wide selection of not only summer flowers, but especially useful plants as well. A similar selection of useful plants and, for example, herbs can only be found in very few places. Karelian rose/Garden farm Halonen, Haapasalmentie 923, 82335 Rääkkylä.

SUMMER MARKETS in the church village of Rääkylä on Fridays. More detailed information to come. Additional information and seat reservations, tel. 040 105 3010, in July and August by text message tel. 044 2412390/Onnen Kauppa.




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