Price 2022

Reservation and payment: 
The client confirms the reservation by paying a deposit of 30 % of the total rent no later than 7 days after the date of the invoice/reservation confirmation. The final payment is due four weeks before the arrival date. If the reservation is made later than four weeks before the arrival date, no deposit is charged. A reservation confirmation is sent to the client together with the invoice.
Please inform us immediately if you are not able to use your reservation. As a cancellation fee, we charge the deposit of 30 % of the total rent. If the reservation is cancelled later than 21 days before the arrival date, the entire rent is charged. If the cancellation takes place during the stay, the rent is not refunded.
Villa Raita prices : 

The following weekly rents apply 2022 (Rents includes Vat 10 %): Changes possible. DISCOUNT  10% discount is available on weeks between August 1st and November 30th 2022.

Season Weeks Rent (€) Deposit (€)
Price A 

18.-31.1.2021 ja 1.-8.1.2022,
17.12.2022-31.12.12  1.1.2023-14.1.2023

1,2,52 1660 498

Price B (19.6. - 1.9.)


25-35 1660 498
Price C (All other weeks)   1120 336
Price D   989 296,70
Weekend 3 days   760 228
Weekend 2 days   660 198

Day 170 €/minimum 3 days
Rent + bed linen 12 € / each  (obligatory) + final cleaning 120 € obligatory

Weekly rent Saturday 16.00 to Saturday 12.00 hours (can be flexible)
Weekend – Friday to Sunday, Long weekend Thursday to Sunday or Friday to Monday
Weekend only reservations available for Price C. 

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Suursaari-Island, Raita*****, free wi-fi, garage, storage (firewood, extra fridge), dock and dock terrace, natural sandy beach and fireplace, wooden rowboat, canoe, safety belts also for kids, adventure raft, water routes with safety instructions, maps also for cycling and walking. Private Nature protection area with fireplace. Fishing net, fishing rods, smoker box, place to find worms, place to build wooden huts. Kick sled, pulka sled, badminton, mölkky (Finnish traditional outdoor game) etc.
Programme packages: 
Please enquire about programme packages, meals and transport services. For instance evening meal (fish from the lake) 25 Euro per Person
On request: Further program offers (, for instance Adventure Island, Catering and transport services.
Creating Art surrounded by Nature from 50 Euro per Person, Kantele with Silence (310 Euro per Person), Just hanging out 90 Euro per Person, etc.

For rent: 
Extra canoes, sleds, snowshoes, skis, bikes, silence electric motor for the Raita boat etc.
On request: Further program offers (, adventure game. Catering and transport services)
Rental Rates:
Extra Canoe or Kayak 120 Euro per Week
Electric motor boat 30 Euro per Week
Bike+Helmet 50 Euro per Week
Walking sticks 15 Euro per Week
Snow shoes 45 Euro per Week
Forest skis+sticks 15 Euro per Week
Sled 15 Euro per Week

Copies of tour plans 2 Euro per piece
Nature trail Apajalahti 2,8 km
Hiking trail / Skiloipe 9 km
Water nature trail Suursaari 4 km
Water orientation route Suursaari 20 km
Radrouten Varpasalo and Oravisalo ca.40 km

Guide books to buy:
Waterway map Northern Karelia (In Finnish, English, German, Russian) 25 Euro
Outdoor Karelia 15 Euro
Koli Guide 15 Euro

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